Phir Milenge

Phir Milenge

India | 2004 | 142 min. | Rated: 12
Languages available: HI (DE subtitles), HI (ES subtitles), HI (FR subtitles), HI, HI (EN subtitles), HI (IT subtitles)
Original Title: Phir Milenge
Genre: , Drama


Abhishek Bachachan , Shilpa Shetty

Tamanna Sahni (Shilpa Shetty) is a successful corporate employee and shares her place with her vibrant sister Tanya. She has a loving boyfriend in Rohit Manchanda. When Rohit comes to India on a trip, both spend some time together. Then, Rohit leaves with no news. Tamanna is summoned to the hospital when Tanya meets with an accident. She is asked to give a blood test to see if that can be used for her sister. However, the news that Tamanna receives later is shocking. She soon loses all her friends and her employers dismiss her without further notice and compensation. Tamanna decides to fight back for her life and integrity.

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